Through the wardrobe.

“You are sensitive to locations. When a place feels right to you, it changes how you experience things. You become inwardly expansive and brighter. your thoughts will become happy.”

Cheers to my horoscope yesterday. I usually don’t believe in that crap, but maybe you’ve tapped into something here, daily newspaper. Perhaps this spiritual journey of cleansing my inner self could begin on a much simpler level: a physical scrubbing of my outer surroundings.

So, I cleaned the shi(r)t(s) out of my closet while blasting Katy Perry’s Roar for 3 hours straight – watch her documentary & then just try judging me (I know because I was you last week). And dagnabbit, did it feel good. As a dreamed-up stylist, I have accumulated a lot of clothes. Stuff I bought on a whim because I hoped I could pull it off, only to realize it realistically works with about .25% of the rest of my wardrobe. Hoodies I’ve worn to the fraying point 5 years ago, but couldn’t seem to let go of. Nostalgic tees I have from that high school tennis team I played on. Oh wait, never to be worn again. The feeling of guilt for having clothes that I’ve never worn staring back at me. I was spending mind space figuring what I even had in the first place, instead of using that effort to do something positive. The time to let go and give in is now.

And out went 3 giant garbage bags to the donation center. Finally, I see my clothes without having to actually maneuver/rip hangers out of their tight spaces. I can see what I have from standing several feet back. Wait, whaaaa? There is space. There is light in this closet. I have made space for something brighter. I don’t know what it is about seeing the back wall of my closet that brought a gigantic smile to my face, but it was a simple notion that helped un-clutter my mind. A tiny reset button that’s making me feel refreshed.


Oh, heck yes. The path to becoming “inwardly expansive” is en route. Pour in empty space so I can make room for positivity (it’s my blog, which means I can make up any words I like).

Especially when I walk into my living room and see all the junk I need to put back into my room since moving home, sprawled out everywhere as if I’m holding a Girl Scout garage sale this weekend (I’m keeping the panda onesie – even in this fantasy). But, ehh, the living room can wait just a little bit longer. For now, I’m just going to breathe in that back wall space for as long as possible even if it means sitting on 1/8th of my living room couch.

xx. Mirror for the Sun.


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