Dear Eric,


I’ve gotten pretty sick in Ubud. The pressure of wanting to love this trip, but feeling like I’m falling short combined with the intense heat has taken a toll on me. I don’t know if I caught a bug in the airplane and it’s finally surfacing, or if I’m making myself sick, but here I am. Two days in a row walking around town with you, I’ve fallen into a state of nausea, overheating to the point of hardly being able to walk. You led me to seek solace in the air conditioned Starbucks of Ubud, for nearly two hours. You ran out to get cold water and food, even though I could hardly stomach any of it when you got back. I feel terrible for that and for holding you hostage in this cold ass room. I am so absolutely thankful for the travel companion that is you. Without you, I’m honest to God not sure what I would have done. Asked to be taken to a hospital? Still be stuck in Starbucks, heaving and burning up? Passed out on a wonky sidewalk somewhere? But I’m not. Because of you.

Thank you, love, for your patience and heart. You are the best murse I know.



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