Wings spread.

Today we walked to Ubud from our homestay. It was around a one and a half hour very slow walk (down Bangkiang Sidem road) through the countryside, which is a lot in this Bali heat, but completely worth it. This is the quietness and greenery I had hoped to find in downtown Ubud, but have yet to.


The walk takes you along a narrow road through rice fields and next to Karsa Spa. The Karsa Cafe is lovely. We bought a less than $2 giant, fresh coconut filled to the brim with coconut juice and a flower attached. It was delicious and fueled the rest of our walk. Later, we came back for a fresh juiced pineapple. YUM. The view from this cafe is stunning. Also, the spa looked beautiful and the prices for hour and a half long massages were $20 and under and overlooking gorgeous rice terraces. We didn’t get massages so I can’t review them personally, but it looked like money well spent!







Keep walking and you’ll find yourself on a very narrow dirt road path along a luscious green hill top with stunning panorama views of palm trees and bright, vivid green. This is what we were looking for in coming to Bali. An openness and freedom I haven’t felt in a long time. I spread my arms wide and felt alive like a tiny bird finally feeling flight for the first time.


And now, I would like to sit with this feeling beyond the green rice field imagery left in my mind. Thank you, Ubud. This is the cultural center I have been searching for.

xx. Jillian

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