Must See Taiwan Flower Market + How to Make a DIY Recycled Vase

The Jianguo Flower Market was an absolute breath of fresh air, especially as an escape from the rainy Saturday we were having in Taipei. Note that it’s a weekend market, so head over on a Saturday or Sunday and be prepared for a large crowd – don’t worry, it’s smaller than most & it’s totally worth it.

Why is this a must see Taiwanese market?
1. We’ve seen our fair share of night markets in Bangkok and in Taipei, and this one just feels different. It helps, of course, that the product is different: flowers, not clothing/food.
2. But, it’s also that this market does not feel too overwhelming. I like that there is one central row to walk down and you can see all the stalls on either side of you; it doesn’t feel endless in a swamping sense.
3. This market is awesome for a rainy day (common in Taipei) – it’s indoors!

The market looks like someone could have watercolored the large expo hall it sits in under the overpass: vibrant colors  and textures abound among the many, many types of flowers (and even bonsai trees!) here. Fancy a succulent, you say? Oh yes, they’ve got that too (photos below).

The best part: the beautiful quality of these flowers does not mean you’ll break your bank! Most of the flowers we saw were pretty dang cheap. Large orchids were selling for 150NTD (that’s like $5 USD). Back home in the States, I’ve bought orchids for the hefty tag of $30. Pretty insane, right? So go ahead and buy yourself a giant bouquet to enjoy in your hotel room or apartment. We did ourselves right with a hefty bouquet of lilies, water lilies, and tropical buds, all for a total of about 200 NTD (approx. $7). Check it out below.

Bonus round! After walking through the flower market, cross the street and keep walking into the jade market (the opposite end is a small artist’s market). It’s definitely worth a visit to see the different types of jewelry artisans make with jade, coral, and even some amber. You might find yourself a souvenir bangle or ring. Even if you’re not buying, it’s an awesome way to people watch local shoppers and artists.












RoadToHere_FlowerMarket10Did you think I was kidding when I said the flowers were stellar? Pretty amazing sight.

How to Make a DIY Recycled Vase

RoadToHere_FlowerMarket12Bought some stellar flowers & don’t have a vase? No worries. We didn’t either at our Airbnb apartment. So, we got a little creative. Here’s how to make your very own recycled vase:

1. Use a large water bottle that you probably already about from the local mart.
2. Carefully cut off the top (cut at your own risk – it can be a bit slippery to cut!).
3. Fill the bottle up with water.
4. Trim the stems to your desired height and voila! Your very own recycled vase to enjoy your flowers in.






Location:  Under Jianguo Expressway overpass
MRT: Da-an Station
Hours: 9am-6pm, weekends only
Google Maps


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