Our daily backpack: what to bring for a day of adventure.

Eric and I have gotten into a routine of what to bring each day while we venture around cities and beaches on our southeast Asia trip. We’ve decided on a backpack because it’s easiest to carry, distributes weight well, carries a lot, and works for riding scooters, walking in the rain, or just being out and about.

For a daily adventure, on average, here’s what we pack:


>> Micro travel towel << Similar to this one. Because you never know.

>> Pepto/antiacids << Being abroad, I have taken more antiacides than ever before. Food has not always been kind to my stomach over here, but being able to combat stomach aches after eating street food is key to still being able to… well, eat.

>> Water bottle << Our condo stay in Bangkok had a purified water jug that allowed us to fill up for 1 baht. Otherwise, we bought the largest jugs from 7-11 and filled this bad boy up each day to reduce our plastic bottle consumption.

>> Local map << Key, especially if you don’t have a smart phone sim yet. We marked it up while we had internet before we left so we could just hit all the spots we wanted to throughout the day without needing internet (you can always hit up a cafe).

>> Camera << 

>> Toilet paper << A surprise one for me that I had to learn the hard way. Ladies, a lot of bathrooms don’t offer toilet paper. Pack your own. Or, head to a large mall/establishment – usually had paper.

>> Packable rain coat << You just never know. I’ll leave it at that.

>> Cell phones << We brought one smart phone for Google maps usage, and one voice only phone so we could split up if we needed to.

>> Bandaides/blister bandaides << We have done so. much. walking. More than I ever thought we would. But public transportation does not always service everywhere you want to go, so be prepared to help your feet out when they start to cringe.

>> Pen & notebook << Really helpful for writing down addresses/phone numbers big enough so taxi drivers can read them. Also, great fun for jotting down notes of the day when you’re relaxing at a bar or cafe.

>> Hati & Ernesto << Our ‘garden gnomes‘. Okay, you might not want to bring something like this, but just insert whatever else you may want like chapstick, a hat, gum, snacks, book, etc.

>> Sunglasses << If you spend a lot of time outdoors, walking from place to place, sunglasses are a pretty sweet tool to have.

***We also brought sunscreen on most days or at least applied before we left.***

What do you usually pack in your backpack before heading out the door? Let me know in the comments below.
xx. Jillian


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