Introducing the newest section: Boyish Chic + Taiwan Inspired Wishlist

I’ve been running the style blog, Boyish Chic, since 2011 and I’m really excited to combine my two blogs into one super, mega blog! It’s all about bringing my passions together and I’m happy to have an outlet that allows me to do that. Plus, the fashion I’ve been experiencing abroad has given me new inspiration – and it’s been pretty stellar. Without further ado, my first Boyish Chic post for the Road To Here Blog…


Boyish Chic Holiday Wishlist: Punk Taiwan Inspired

Being in Taipei, Taiwan has brought the punk side back out of me. The fashion here seems run by the one notion: where what you like, how you like. Think platform moto boots, funky military jackets, and big snow beanies (yes, it’s actually a bit chilly here – but no snow!) – all mismatched with perfection on ladies and gents. Taipei, you’ve inspired my 2013 holiday wishlist below. Cheers to you!


Platform shoes, Jeffrey Campbell // 2 Backpack, Cambridge Satchel Company // 3 Stackable Rings, Fresh Trends // 4 Mulberry Wine, Bite Beauty // 5 Butterfly 2.0, SpiritHoods // 6 Sweater, Staring at Stars

Please note, this is a partially sponsored post, but all opinions are honest and my own.


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