Here’s to looking at you, 2013.

We’re still in the holiday spirit over here at the Road To Here Blog. So here’s a Cheers! to 2013 with this short film on Christmas in Taipei followed by our ode to 2013 in photographs:

A review of 2013 in photographs below.

2013 was a hugely crazy year. After running a charity event, I sadly took a step back from my proactive project, my Remedy, for financial reasons and got a job as a designer for Staples corporate while still keeping up with my style blog Boyish Chic.  Eric got really into coaching baseball to kids (and doing an amazing job of it), as well as playing on three different teams. I became the #1 fan! Haha – heck yes. Eric grew out his locks and I chopped mine off. AND! We both had the insane pleasure of watching our brothers marry two incredible women (& to watch me botch my wedding speech lines).

Then, we made the amazing and crazy decision to move to Bangkok to teach and help others. After spending months researching and planning, we somehow ended up here in Taiwan instead. Along the way, we’ve sat peacefully in rice paddies in Bali, snorkeled in Koh Chang, cat cafe’d in Bangkok, took a gondola ride in Taipei and started the Road To Here Blog. I’d also like to take a moment to dedicate a sincere cheers to my whimsical godfather, Pete, who passed away this past month. You were an incredible, brilliant light.

We have been insanely blessed and through the roller coaster ride of 2013, we are so very thankful for all of it – the tough and the incredible. Here’s to you, 2013.









RoadToHereBlog_2013_06 RoadToHereBlog_2013_08



RoadToHereBlog_2013_02 RoadToHereBlog_2013_01


Hati & Ernesto in Koh Chang





And some Instagram faves…RoadToHereBlog_2013_10


RoadToHereBlog_2013_12 Follow us on Instagram here for spur of the moment good times. There’s definitely some photos missing from this list, but with my hard drive at home, this is the best I can do. In other words, MAJOR love to all the moments of 2013… and HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL!

xx. Jillian, Eric, Hati + Ernesto


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