New Boyish Chic challenge: How to make the most of a limited wardrobe

Thinking about ideas for Boyish Chic lately, I’ve realized it’s taken on a new spin: Eric and I have been faced with the challenge of looking stellar while living out of a backpack. Sometimes, it’s more difficult than it sounds (like when I get tired of the same things and start to miss the hell out of my closet back home). But, styling a limited wardrobe has also been a fun experiment in making the best out of what little we have and finding out how many different ways we can wear the same thing without looking like we don’t do laundry.

When Eric and I arrived in Taipei, we were pretty freakin’ cold. Our original plan for this trip was to stay in Bangkok in 80 degree weather. Now, in rainy 55 degree Taipei, we were facing a new challenge: how many layers can we bundle up in so we don’t freeze our butts off or look like crazy cat ladies (Eric’s got the long hair down).

Thankfully, we’ve brought along business clothes to help with the chilly climate. This is where the Boyish Chic styling comes in gloriously handy. We’ve worn our blazers nearly every day, but to give them an edge so we don’t look like elderly stockbrokers, we’ve layered them with jeans, tees, and (in my case as seen below) over blouses + maxi dresses. Blazers are a win-win; you can feel boss and edgy at the same time. Take a look:







By the way, really psyched to finally get a style post on Eric up on Boyish Chic and excited to feature his kick ass style more often.

So, challenge accepted! You, my friend, are going to see us wear many of the same clothing items, but we are going to do our absolute best to make it look like we have two walk-in closets worth of clothes – and we’ll share any tips we find along the way.

Have you ever lived out of a suitcase and how did you deal with it? If not, what style item could you not live without?
xx. Jillian

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