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Startled awake by a rattling window, I open my eyes to see darkness. The bangs shatter out again and, this time, I hear deafening gun shots.

I vault out from the comforter, gracefully slamming my knee into the wall in the process. It must be, like, four am, I think, grabbing my knee with one hand and rubbing my eye with the other. Not cool, gun wielders. 

Wait. Gun shots? In Tainan? At 4 am? Okay, the 4 am part makes sense. That’s when I see it: a flash explode into the dark night. Suddenly, I realize it wasn’t gun shots that woke me; it was fireworks!

Lunar New Year in Tainan | Road To Here Blog

Lunar New Year in Tainan | Road To Here Blog

Taiwan is in the midst of a 15 day celebration to ring in the Chinese Zodiac New Year. The year of the horse began on January 31. While we don’t officially celebrate the Lunar New Year, we’re all about having a fresh start. January rode in and out before we could get our reigns on it. So, we’ll happily take this second chance at starting the year off on the right hoof (get it? Get it?!).

We’ve been a bit MIA this month as we’ve been reevaluating the Road To Here Blog (and lighting a new year’s firework here or there). We’re in the process of putting new goals together and actively making it happen.

Lunar New Year in Tainan | Road To Here Blog

What exactly are we talking about?

We’re saddling up. For starters, we’re currently dreaming up a new logo. We’re also focusing in on our mission for this blog – yep, it can’t always just be photos of me flying away on a unicorn (only for 85% of the time). We want to bring you more stories like Shelly’s – in fact, a whole community’s worth!

Fret not, we will keep gracing your screen with buckets of flowers and dancing kiwis (and, of course, Hati & Ernesto photo ops). We’re also creating even more ways to bring you travel, style, cooking, and learning tips. And, we fully intend to keep this blog a journal of sorts of our adventures off the deep end. Keep an eye out: the year of the horse is going to be a wild, beautiful one.

Thanks for being patient with us and for believing in us. Your support is the most valuable thing we have.

Oh! And you should totally check out this awesome infographic: 50 Fascinating Facts about the Lunar New Year via the Cultureist. Learning’s the coolest, especially when it involves cute pugs & lobster dragons.

Happy Lunar New Year, ladies & gents!

xx. Jillian


Lunar New Year in Tainan | Road To Here Blog

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