Pari Dust & A Beautiful Mess

Running on Empty? Here’s Some Fuel for Awesomeness

by Jillian

I’m starting a collection of things that hit our radar and drive us to get up and go do. Here’s to hoping they inspire you, too!

This article by one of my favorite writers, Kelton Wright, about perseverance, believing in yourself, and, ultimately, kicking ass for yourself.

A Beautiful Mess & Sprinkle Bakes RecipeThese recipes: This pavlova cake by A Beautiful Mess is GORGEOUS. In fact, it looks almost too pretty to eat. Almost…
These belini petal pops by Heather from Sprinkle Bakes are whimsical. (We’ve tried several rose flavored things here in Taiwan, including rose lattes at Starbucks, and they’ve all been surprisingly refreshing.) I want to eat/make everything from both of these blogs.

These books: Eric’s currently reading Sophie’s World and I’m listening to The Goldfinch. We also stumbled upon this list of 32 Books That Will Actually Change Your Life that might just inspire us to write our own… 

This travel blogger: Where Is Jenny is filled with stellar tips for adventuring. Jenny travels the world while freelance designing. Oh, and she skateboards. Minor girl crush. If you’re a freelancer looking to design on the road, subscribe with me on Jenny’s new blog Never North.

Pari Dust via paridust.comThis style blogger:Pari Dust who styles her outfits & shoots them in front of architecture and art that inspires her. What a unique idea!

This DIY project: I left most of my jewelry at home when we moved so I am psyched to find this DIY tutorial by ISPYDIY on making tiny rings with only some wire & a pair of pliers. Plus, hello cheapness!

Learning thisEric’s learning Spanish via DuoLingo – and consequently hogging the computer because he’s having so much fun doing it.

Dreaming about: bundling up and sipping a latte at this cafe in Antwerp.

Eiffel Tower House Boat via AirbnbThis airbnb: A houseboat with the view of the Eiffel Tower. Yes, you read that right. A view of the Eiffel Tower. Not to mention, there’s a fireplace on board.  Le sigh.

Lolita Sunnies | Nylon MagWishlist item: These Lolita sunnies by Nylon Mag.

This playlist: I commute from Taiwan to Spain on a daily basis via this stellar playlist. It’s perfect as background music for writing or getting work done because the words don’t distract me (yet), but it also puts a little zest in my type and wakes me up.

So, turn on that playlist, cue a mini dance party, and then go do! 

What’s currently inspiring you?

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