25 Ways You Define Love

For Valentine’s Day, we want to know how you perceive love. 

What’s your idea of love? What would your candy conversation heart say? These are the two questions we asked our friends from ’round the world this past week. 

Your unique answers surprised, tickled, and warmed us. Each one opened our minds a bit more and left us feeling happier.

Check out what your fellow comrades have to say about love:

Love Day | Road To Here Blog

What’s your idea of love?

Lend Me Some Sugar | Road To Here Blog

1. Love is an abiding affection. It requires honor, respect and true like. —Carol Osbourne, Valentine Enthusiast, NJ, US

2. It’s reliable
Strong, tough, not to be misplaced
Love is a backpack.
Kel Huang, Part Time Comedian, NY, US

U R My Unicorn | Road To Here Blog3. Sometimes love is a balance between providing and receiving unconditional support but most times it’s about not having to lick the Cheetos dust off of your own fingers. —Kaitlyn Carpenter, Associate women’s apparel designer / Food & style enthusiast, NY, US

4. We are made to love one another. All of us need people around us who we can rely on, share life with, who supports us in good and in bad times. Someone who loves us the way we are. We should love one another just the way we also wished to be loved. —Judith Sewer, Singer/Songwriter, Switzerland

Live In Love | Road To Here Blog

5. While hard to describe, love makes living make sense.  It compliments everything you are, while completing everything you are not. It’s not perfect, but it’s just right. —Gregg Nelson, Designer, NJ, US

6. Love is being in a Motel 6, in the middle of nowhere NM on Valentine’s Day and you’re husband coming back from Walmart with three of your favorite things: corndogs, Ben & Jerry’s, and a bottle of wine.  It’s making the best of what you’ve got, with your best friend, and laughing along the way. —Catherine Schleck, Kindergarten Teacher, FL, US

Heart Sauce | Road To Here Blog7. You know you love someone when you don’t think about yourself when it comes to what’s best for them. —Shelly Enright, Exchange Student, France

8. My idea of LOVE is the warm feeling you get when you are with another person for which you care deeply.  This feeling is unmatched by all others and makes the person feeling it willing to do anything to at all keep it. —Rich Mayer, Tech guy by day, Crossfit junkie by night,  MA, US

9. True love allows you to be your silliest, truest self with the one person you care about most in the world. —Brittany Engler, Account Coordinator at Shout PR and Part Time Blogger, CA, US

10. There are various stages of love that feel different, yet mean thesame thing. Infatuation. Friendship. Commitment. Comfort. How I wanna experience it is as an action word: where it’s mutually shown, felt, and doesn’t have to be said. But, when it is said, you really feel it because of the actions underneath it SUPPORTING that word and GIVING a reason to mean something.Dump Em Out | Road To Here Blog 

For me, the “Before Sunrise”, “Before Sunset” and “Before Midnight” trilogy, and “Amor”, bundled as one, pretty accurately depict those stages, the struggle a couple must overcome during each evolution, and the new benefits- and drawbacks- encountered. Coming through those evolutions together is what fortifies and enriches your love. —Cameran Bailey, Graduate Field Engineer, MN, US

11. Love is when you experience a leap and realize that your heart has grown. Its when your ability to love someone becomes deeper than you previously felt was possible. —Katie Ring, Commercial Photographer, MA, US

Size Matters | Road To Here Blog12. Love is a profoundly warm and tender connection with another person. Love is to see an imperfect person and see them perfect.
TJ Taylor, Creative Designer, WA, US

13. I think love is like ballroom dancing. Be gentle to your partner and devote yourself and it will be a wonderful dance, basically. —Cindy Chung, Photographer & Video Producer, Taiwan

14. When you love something, a person, an idea, a passion, you are seeing yourself reflected in that thing because you realize that all reality is one and that separation is just an illusion, and so that thing is also a part of you. —Joey Sciabica, Young Jurist, MA, US

Hai Guurl| Road To Here Blog15. Love is my grandparents. The truest, most palpable, best relationship I have ever been witness to. There wasn’t any “love at first sight” or “opposites attract” or “even though we fight all the time like that damn ‘Notebook’ movie, we’re still going to stick it out” bullshit, either. They’re two people who met, became friends, and then grew to love one another on a deeper level.

Their marriage is realistic and practical, yet romantic and passionate. He drives her everywhere, knowing she hates driving, and suffers through the shopping. She buys him clothes and his favorite chocolates. He plays her favorite songs on the piano and can’t pass by her without a hug or kiss. Realistically, this type of relationship is unbelievably rare. Unrealistically, I’m not settling for anything less than what they have. —Allison McKenzie, Front Office Supervisor, MA, US

16. The greatest achievement in any life is to learn how to love and let yourself be loved. Every day we get to make the choice to find something new to love in each other and some new way to show it.
Michael Droege, Coach committed to helping men be better and the women who love them, happier, NJ, US

Don't Eat Me | Road To Here Blog17. I think love is a combination of things. Love consists of understanding, honesty, care, support, kisses that makes me forget what Iwas thinking about prior, and a hug that can completely make me stop breathing but for all the right reasons. Love is looking at someone and knowing what they are feeling on the inside. Love is surprising, complicated, tough, and scary but love is also beautiful, wonderful, and a blessing, and a gift. So I think love is a combination of things that makes all the good and bad balance out.
Sophia Obsourne, Theatre major at Moravian College, NJ, US

What would your heart say? | Road To Here Blog

If you could create a candy conversation heart, what would it say?

U Lift, Bro? | Road To Here Blog18. shake it 4 me —Lindsey Wilhelm, Motion graphics artist, MA, US

19. ‘I DO’ because I’ll be getting married the month after! And its still crazy to me.  —Sara Rogers, NJ, Cupcake aficionado

20. ‘Just keep swimming’ or ‘you’ll get ‘em next time tiger’—Casey Trio, MA, US

Smart is Sexy | Road To Here Blog21. Love earth, love animals —Michelle Beaumier, Freelance Graphic Designer, VT, US

22. InLove —Sarah Perdomo, Assistant Client Manager, GA, US

Guy Love | Road To Here Blog23. Burrito me baby —Gene Molisso, Sleepy College Student, NJ, US

24. HUGS —Gaby Mascali, Occupational Therapist, NH, US

25. Your extensive vocabulary turns me on —Keren Gerstenlauer, AR, US

What would your heart say? | Road To Here Blog

A sincere thank you to everyone who shared.

Love means something different to each of us. For some, it’s showing up with a 6 pack in a blizzard, solidifying your bro-mance and for others it’s having your partner put socks on your feet when you’re too cold to get out of the covers to do it yourself. Whatever your view, hopefully this little survey helped to broaden your perspective.. or at the very least, put a smile on your face.

And now we want to know… What’s your idea of love? What would your candy heart say? Share with us in the comments below!

Illustrations by Eric Bosworth

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*This originally ran as 24 Ways to Define Love. I left out a definition by accident so it is actually 25 ways. So sorry. But, hey, BONUS ROUND!


8 thoughts on “25 Ways You Define Love”

  1. How fun reading everyone’s take on love………mine is the soft feel of my horses muzzle on my face:)
    Best feeling ever from a true friend 🙂

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