About Us

We are two partners in crime who realized something in our lives was missing when we were sitting at our desk jobs. Complacent was not enough.


So, we saved up, quit, had a farewell pre-Thanksgiving dinner, packed what we could fit along with our traveling “gnomes” Hati + Ernesto, and set sail for the other side of the globe: Asia.


Our hope is to experience new cultures, help others along the way, and ultimately help ourselves by exploring what else exists within us. So far, we’ve found peace in rice paddies of Bali, cat cafe’d in Thailand, and eaten panda heads in Taiwan (it’s way cuter than it sounds, promise).


These are our adventures off the deep end…
xx Jillian + Eric
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About the blog

Road To Here Blog is a lifestyle blog featuring:

  • Boyish chic style + budget style tips for ladies and gents. We believe inexpensive fashion doesn’t have to compromise style.
  • Budget travel tips + guides for solo and couples adventures. We haven’t stayed in one hostel so far; Instead we save in other ways…
  • Our traveling gnomes pipsqueaks: Hati + Ernesto 
  • Eats from ’round the world + recipes for beginners/experimenters, like us!
  • Resources to inspire from everyday people with extraordinary stories to tell that will motivate you to act with your life!
  • The occasional, much needed on the spot dance party.

More about Jillian

I’m a designer, a boyish chic stylist, and an altruist. I’m also a unicorn and dance party advocate. At the base of it all, I’m a spirited explorer with a heart for positive change.


My wanderlust was instilled in me long ago by my parents. They gave my siblings and me the greatest gift: travel. They kindly took us along on their worldly adventures. Together, we’ve road tripped to South Dakota for an archaeological dig, eaten pain au chocolats on the French Rivera, ridden a gondola in the Alps, surfed in Mexico, backpacked across western Europe, sailed the Greek waters, and spotted the Sacre Coeur from the top of the Eiffel Tower, among other incredible trips. In turn, they’ve not only opened my eyes to beauty, but also taught me how to be culturally accepting and kind. This is where my love for travel stems from.

My passion for styling comes from a similar place. Up until now, I’ve been the style blogger of Boyish Chic and the founder of my Remedy, designing encouraging messages on tees because I think we all  use some positive vibes.  I believe that fashion is an incredibly powerful (and fun!) tool and that it can be used to change the world for the better. While I’ve had to take a step back from my Remedy for financial reasons, I still fully believe in its ideals and strive to create that unity here on the Road To Here Blog.

For more, check out my store my Remedy, Instagram, Twitter, & my former style blog, Boyish Chic.

More about Eric


So you want to know more about me, huh? I’m flattered. No seriously, I’m honored. However, there is a small problem. An about me implies that I have a solid understanding of myself. I know my habits and my beliefs fairly well but I’m still working on the understanding part. I suppose habits and beliefs is a good place to start. I believe in questions my habits and interrogating my beliefs. I believe in going against the grain and going with the flow. I believe it’s better to not know than pretend to know. I believe nothing is for certain and it’s probably meant to be that way. I also believe in Will Ferrell’s impression of Harry Caray.


Still diggin’ it?

On Sharing

Thanks for wanting to share photos or posts from the Road To Here Blog! Feel free to pin or share 1-2 images from posts, as long as you give credit and link to the original post. Thanks for being kind!

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adventures off the deep end.

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