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Hati & Ernesto

Hati & Ernesto

hidden behind the Starbucks in Ubud, Bali.

Wings spread.

Today we walked to Ubud from our homestay. It was around a one and a half hour very slow walk (down Bangkiang Sidem road) through the countryside, which is a lot in this Bali heat, but completely worth it. This is the quietness and greenery I had hoped to find in downtown Ubud, but have yet to.

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Dear Eric,


I’ve gotten pretty sick in Ubud. The pressure of wanting to love this trip, but feeling like I’m falling short combined with the intense heat has taken a toll on me. I don’t know if I caught a bug in the airplane and it’s finally surfacing, or if I’m making myself sick, but here I am.  Continue reading Dear Eric,

Wild in the light.

The past couple of nights have been difficult for me. My mind has conjured up insane ideas and I’ve felt trapped in my own surroundings because of bugs and because of my own expectations. This all may sound very crazy and very ungrateful. And, really, it has been. But, I think we all need to have these dark moments in order to see the light.

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Wild in the night.


Usually, I use this in a metaphorical sense for my mind. Trapped by thoughts or by decisions. Right now, I mean it metaphorically and physically. I’m being held hostage on a bed within an adorable canopy that is adorned upon the bed’s posts (really, only something princesses have and every one of my friends growing up wanted, but here they use it for function not cuteness). There’s a cockroach in the bathroom tub. Then, there’s my bed. Then, there’s my window. Then, there’s a spider weaving a huge, beautiful web. Oh, did I mention this spider is the size of my face?

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