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NEW Category! If Postcards Could Talk

by Eric

Remember that episode when Homer Simpson sends a postcard to Marge saying: “WISH YOU WERE HER” – with a picture of a hot babe on the beach? Makes me laugh every time.  And it makes me wonder why there aren’t more silly postcards written like that in the world. 

So, I’ve collected real postcards from our trip to share with you. Instead of boring you with a message about the weather, I’m going to let the postcards speak for themselves, Homer-style.

If Postcards Could Talk: Wat Pho, Bangkok

if postcards could talk bangkok wat pho

Dear Friends,

1. Kids eat free Tuesday at IHOP.

2. It’s been tough finding work here in Bangkok. Fortunately I landed a job as a fashion designer for monks. What do you think – too orange?!

3. Screw this – I’m using the girl’s room. Damn monk privileges…

4. I’m training to become a monk. Not surprisingly, being a foreigner, it’s going to cost me extra. Can I borrow some money?

5. I’ve finally become a monk. Being a monk requires you to live off the generosity of others. So we’re selling orange robes as a fundraiser. Can I put you down for two?

Chips + nachos, Eric

You got one? Don’t be shy, write it in the comments below.


Hati & Ernesto taking in the sunset: Klong Prao Beach



Hati & Ernesto taking in the sunset one last time at Klong Prao Beach on Koh Chang, in Thailand.


We Dig vs. We’d Ditch: Klong Prao Beach, Koh Chang

We pretty much adored every part of our trip to Klong Prao Beach on the beautiful island of Koh Chang. Not yet as touristy as what we’d experienced in Bali, Koh Chang truly captured our hearts. We would have stayed longer had our visa allowed, but alas, it’ll remain a brief, wonderous stint in time – like the summer fling you never want to forget.


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How to get from Bangkok to Koh Chang and back, on the cheap

Getting to and from Koh Chang from Bangkok does take some time, but have no fear: the steps are quite minimal and as long as you can take your time (3/4 of your day), you’ll have a smooth ride and be on your way to one of the best island beaches I’ve been on.

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Hati & Ernesto in Koh Chang, Thailand

Hati & Ernesto in Koh Chang, Thailand

Some splish, splashin’ adventure time at Paradise Resort and Spa – an amazing hotel that we stayed at for the week (think buffet breakfast with omelettes, fruit, & fresh bread, palm tree lined thin beaches, and swings… yes, swings).