Hati & Ernesto

Who needs garden gnomes when we have these cute little traveling pipsqueaks?

Meet Hati & Ernesto.

 Hati and Ernesto at Anping Beach, Taiwan | Road To Here BlogThumbs_RoadToHereBlog_LilPipsqueaks16Thumbs_RoadToHereBlog_LilPipsqueaks17



Thumbs_RoadToHereBlog_LilPipsqueaks12_KC Thumbs_RoadToHereBlog_LilPipsqueaks06_UbudThumbs_RoadToHereBlog_LilPipsqueaks07_LittleBird

Thumbs_RoadToHereBlog_LilPipsqueaks03_PingPongHati & Ernesto in SanurThumbs_RoadToHereBlog_LilPipsqueaks01_Airport


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