Cheap Eats Recipe: How to Make Healthy + Simple Kiwi Salsa

By Jillian

cheap eats recipe simple kiwi salsa

This is the perfect recipe to refresh any meal or snack in a healthy way, while still leaving your taste buds tingling. The basic ingredients make this a cheap eats recipe. AND! It only takes minutes to make.

What can you eat your kiwi salsa with?

• On the go snack with crackers, chips, or pita bread
• Basic, delicious meal with white rice, shredded cheese, and beans
Get fancy on a budget over pasta with shrimp

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How we spent a weekend in Kaohsiung: coast line drives, monkeys, + Star Trek

by Jillian

Stellar Weekend in Kaohsiung Eric Star Trek Chair

There are so many wonderful hole in the wall places and alleyways to explore in Tainan, that we’ve spent the past month biking around without leaving the city. It’s amazing how long you can stay in one place and never even scrape the surface of its true culture! I love the luxury of taking my time to get a feel for a city and, if I could, I’d visit every city this way.

Even so, we happily welcomed the change of pace in going to visit Eric’s dad last weekend in Kaohsiung (Eric’s dad does work in Taiwan and the US). We hopped on the TRA slow train from Tainan to Kaohsiung and enjoyed the little things along the way…

Snack time before the train comes. #hungryhippo #sparrows

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NEW Category! If Postcards Could Talk

by Eric

Remember that episode when Homer Simpson sends a postcard to Marge saying: “WISH YOU WERE HER” – with a picture of a hot babe on the beach? Makes me laugh every time.  And it makes me wonder why there aren’t more silly postcards written like that in the world. 

So, I’ve collected real postcards from our trip to share with you. Instead of boring you with a message about the weather, I’m going to let the postcards speak for themselves, Homer-style.

If Postcards Could Talk: Wat Pho, Bangkok

if postcards could talk bangkok wat pho

Dear Friends,

1. Kids eat free Tuesday at IHOP.

2. It’s been tough finding work here in Bangkok. Fortunately I landed a job as a fashion designer for monks. What do you think – too orange?!

3. Screw this – I’m using the girl’s room. Damn monk privileges…

4. I’m training to become a monk. Not surprisingly, being a foreigner, it’s going to cost me extra. Can I borrow some money?

5. I’ve finally become a monk. Being a monk requires you to live off the generosity of others. So we’re selling orange robes as a fundraiser. Can I put you down for two?

Chips + nachos, Eric

You got one? Don’t be shy, write it in the comments below.

Unexpected Pit Stops: Culture and Koi Fish in Tainan

Biking around Tainan City last week, we happily stumbled upon the colorful, historical Chihkan Tower. Also known as Fort Provintia, Chihkan Tower was once a Dutch outpost. Then, it was destroyed by an earthquake, leaving behind a ghostly glimpse of a staircase in a hidden underground room. This cultural monument has intruiging remnants of aboriginal times and is a worthy short afternoon stop (it’s also supposedly gorgeous at night).

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Vegetarian haven in Tainan: Vonny’s Garden Vegetarian Restaurant

Being vegetarian in Taiwan proves to have its difficulties if you don’t speak Mandarin and can’t ask for other options. If you’re experiencing the language barrier and shopping with your eyes, you may find the majority of street vendors are focused around meat. Sure, there are plenty of egg dishes and stinky tofu, but if you like variety like we do, these options get old pretty fast.

Luckily, Eric and I are pescetarian, which opens up some doors. Unluckily, I still don’t like eating something that’s looking at me (like shrimp with the head still on), so I’ve been having trouble finding protein-filled eats in a country that doesn’t serve cheese, beans, or much soy. That is, until we stumbled upon Vonny’s Garden Vegetarian Restaurant. All is saved and beyond delicious!


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