Hati & Ernesto

Hati & Ernesto

playing ping pong in Sanur, Bali.


Hiring a private driver in Bali.

Driving in Bali is pretty insane. There doesn’t seem to be any road rules except: go with the flow. And although everyone seems to be doing that just fine, for first timers like us it’s a bit daunting.

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We Dig vs We’d Ditch: Sanur, Bali

Welp, it’s official. Eric and I have set sail for southeast Asia. And there’s no one I’d rather go with (plus our pipsqueaks, Hati & Ernesto, duh).

Our first touch down: Taipei – we’ll leave the airport next time, Taiwan! Promise.


Okay, okay, so our first real touchdown: Bali!


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Through the wardrobe.

“You are sensitive to locations. When a place feels right to you, it changes how you experience things. You become inwardly expansive and brighter. your thoughts will become happy.”

Cheers to my horoscope yesterday. I usually don’t believe in that crap, but maybe you’ve tapped into something here, daily newspaper. Perhaps this spiritual journey of cleansing my inner self could begin on a much simpler level: a physical scrubbing of my outer surroundings. Continue reading Through the wardrobe.

Adventures off the deep end.

This has been a long time coming. Internally & externally. Especially internally. I’ve always been driven – driven to do, to ‘succeed’, to excel, to create, to go. But along the way, I’ve realized that this need to succeed is short lived. I succeed at something, I feel the high, and then an emptiness creeps over like a vine tightening around my legs, growing up around my chest, and threatening to squeeze the very life out of me. The emptiness of, “What next? What now?”

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adventures off the deep end.