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Flower Fever

by Jillian

Boyish Chic Flower Fever | Road To Here Blog

I totally hippied out for the Kind Proposal film we shot last week. How could I not with these incredible, vibrant flowers?! Their liveliness just makes me break out into a smile, especially with sunflowers in the mix – my favorite flower alongside the poppy.

Sunflowers are just so dang happy with that bright yellow. Fun fact: sunflowers are called tournesol in French which, word for word, means turn toward the sun. How happy is that? They’re little reflections of the sun. These flowers are a perfect reminder on how to live each moment: like a mirror for the sun.

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Boyish Chic: Keeping it simple.

Style doesn’t need to be over the top or expensive to be stellar. Often times, the simpler the better (and the more comfortable – bonus!). Because it’s so hard to nail down just right, effortless style is quite unique and refreshing. Here’s some shots from an afternoon of toning it down and biking around in our basics…



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New Boyish Chic challenge: How to make the most of a limited wardrobe

Thinking about ideas for Boyish Chic lately, I’ve realized it’s taken on a new spin: Eric and I have been faced with the challenge of looking stellar while living out of a backpack. Sometimes, it’s more difficult than it sounds (like when I get tired of the same things and start to miss the hell out of my closet back home). But, styling a limited wardrobe has also been a fun experiment in making the best out of what little we have and finding out how many different ways we can wear the same thing without looking like we don’t do laundry.

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