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Flower Fever

by Jillian

Boyish Chic Flower Fever | Road To Here Blog

I totally hippied out for the Kind Proposal film we shot last week. How could I not with these incredible, vibrant flowers?! Their liveliness just makes me break out into a smile, especially with sunflowers in the mix – my favorite flower alongside the poppy.

Sunflowers are just so dang happy with that bright yellow. Fun fact: sunflowers are called tournesol in French which, word for word, means turn toward the sun. How happy is that? They’re little reflections of the sun. These flowers are a perfect reminder on how to live each moment: like a mirror for the sun.

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Wild in the light.

The past couple of nights have been difficult for me. My mind has conjured up insane ideas and I’ve felt trapped in my own surroundings because of bugs and because of my own expectations. This all may sound very crazy and very ungrateful. And, really, it has been. But, I think we all need to have these dark moments in order to see the light.

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