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Are you ready for your close-up? (Photo walk)

by Eric



I’d like to formally introduce myself. I’m the guy hugging things. Nice to meet you too.

As you might know, Jill and I have finally been able to catch our breaths from our travels. Being in the little-big city of Tainan for a month, it has been nice to just walk around and soak in everything.

One thing that has pleasantly surprised us is the beautiful flowers that surround the area. If the Olympics had gardening as a sport, Taiwan would be a serious contender.

So in the spirit of  Valentine’s Day and the misery that can be winter, we’ve picked a few of our favorite  flowers just for you!

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Beach Day Brain Breaks with Hati & Ernesto

beach day brain breaks with hati and ernesto

Hati + Ernesto taking a break and getting silly on Anping Beach in Tainan, Taiwan.

How we spent a weekend in Kaohsiung: coast line drives, monkeys, + Star Trek

by Jillian

Stellar Weekend in Kaohsiung Eric Star Trek Chair

There are so many wonderful hole in the wall places and alleyways to explore in Tainan, that we’ve spent the past month biking around without leaving the city. It’s amazing how long you can stay in one place and never even scrape the surface of its true culture! I love the luxury of taking my time to get a feel for a city and, if I could, I’d visit every city this way.

Even so, we happily welcomed the change of pace in going to visit Eric’s dad last weekend in Kaohsiung (Eric’s dad does work in Taiwan and the US). We hopped on the TRA slow train from Tainan to Kaohsiung and enjoyed the little things along the way…

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Inspirational Story: How Shelly Overcame Harassment in France

I am SO excited to introduce y’all to my jolie friend: the brilliant, beautiful, and bold Shelly EnrightI met Shelly over 6 years go in my hometown in NJ through a youth group. She’s an incredible, open minded, and kind jeune femme with the best, au naturel mermaid hair I know.

Shelly is currently studying abroad in Southern France. When I asked her about her trip, she had the following unexpected journey to share and I am so grateful that she did. Thank you for sharing this personal experience with us, Shelly! -Jillian

How I Overcame Harassment in France

Guest Post by Shelly Enright

Voyaging to new lands is never easy.

When I first moved to the south of France, I had to get used to a lot of new things.

Between the customary cheek kisses upon greeting someone, buying a fresh baguette everyday, and having to find ways to pass the time until the drunk couple fighting in the street cools down so I can leave my apartment and go to class, the hardest thing to adjust to is what it’s like to walk down the street. Continue reading Inspirational Story: How Shelly Overcame Harassment in France