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Boyish Chic: Keeping it simple.

Style doesn’t need to be over the top or expensive to be stellar. Often times, the simpler the better (and the more comfortable – bonus!). Because it’s so hard to nail down just right, effortless style is quite unique and refreshing. Here’s some shots from an afternoon of toning it down and biking around in our basics…



RTHB_BeanieLeopard04 Continue reading Boyish Chic: Keeping it simple.


Through the wardrobe.

“You are sensitive to locations. When a place feels right to you, it changes how you experience things. You become inwardly expansive and brighter. your thoughts will become happy.”

Cheers to my horoscope yesterday. I usually don’t believe in that crap, but maybe you’ve tapped into something here, daily newspaper. Perhaps this spiritual journey of cleansing my inner self could begin on a much simpler level: a physical scrubbing of my outer surroundings. Continue reading Through the wardrobe.