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Flower Fever

by Jillian

Boyish Chic Flower Fever | Road To Here Blog

I totally hippied out for the Kind Proposal film we shot last week. How could I not with these incredible, vibrant flowers?! Their liveliness just makes me break out into a smile, especially with sunflowers in the mix – my favorite flower alongside the poppy.

Sunflowers are just so dang happy with that bright yellow. Fun fact: sunflowers are called tournesol in French which, word for word, means turn toward the sun. How happy is that? They’re little reflections of the sun. These flowers are a perfect reminder on how to live each moment: like a mirror for the sun.

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Are you ready for your close-up? (Photo walk)

by Eric



I’d like to formally introduce myself. I’m the guy hugging things. Nice to meet you too.

As you might know, Jill and I have finally been able to catch our breaths from our travels. Being in the little-big city of Tainan for a month, it has been nice to just walk around and soak in everything.

One thing that has pleasantly surprised us is the beautiful flowers that surround the area. If the Olympics had gardening as a sport, Taiwan would be a serious contender.

So in the spirit of  Valentine’s Day and the misery that can be winter, we’ve picked a few of our favorite  flowers just for you!

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How we spent a weekend in Kaohsiung: coast line drives, monkeys, + Star Trek

by Jillian

Stellar Weekend in Kaohsiung Eric Star Trek Chair

There are so many wonderful hole in the wall places and alleyways to explore in Tainan, that we’ve spent the past month biking around without leaving the city. It’s amazing how long you can stay in one place and never even scrape the surface of its true culture! I love the luxury of taking my time to get a feel for a city and, if I could, I’d visit every city this way.

Even so, we happily welcomed the change of pace in going to visit Eric’s dad last weekend in Kaohsiung (Eric’s dad does work in Taiwan and the US). We hopped on the TRA slow train from Tainan to Kaohsiung and enjoyed the little things along the way…

Snack time before the train comes. #hungryhippo #sparrows

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Unexpected Pit Stops: Culture and Koi Fish in Tainan

Biking around Tainan City last week, we happily stumbled upon the colorful, historical Chihkan Tower. Also known as Fort Provintia, Chihkan Tower was once a Dutch outpost. Then, it was destroyed by an earthquake, leaving behind a ghostly glimpse of a staircase in a hidden underground room. This cultural monument has intruiging remnants of aboriginal times and is a worthy short afternoon stop (it’s also supposedly gorgeous at night).

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