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Unexpected Pit Stops: Culture and Koi Fish in Tainan

Biking around Tainan City last week, we happily stumbled upon the colorful, historical Chihkan Tower. Also known as Fort Provintia, Chihkan Tower was once a Dutch outpost. Then, it was destroyed by an earthquake, leaving behind a ghostly glimpse of a staircase in a hidden underground room. This cultural monument has intruiging remnants of aboriginal times and is a worthy short afternoon stop (it’s also supposedly gorgeous at night).

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Happy Friday from Hati & Ernesto!

Pssst… Happy Friday from Hati & Ernesto! RoadToHereBlog_LilPipsqueaks16


Naturally, the lil’ pipsqueaks hung out with us at today’s shoot at the Temple of 5 Concubines in Tainan, Taiwan.

Have any stellar plans for the weekend?! I still want to see Frozen and we’ll probably end up geocaching – our new favorite addiction pastime.

Texture photo walk through Tainan

It’s refreshing to take a step back from the computer and just step outside. Sometimes the best inspiration comes in the simplest forms, like a dandelion growing out of a sidewalk crack. For me, this week, it was textures. Here’s what I found while walking near the Confucius Temple in Tainan this week.

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